1/30/2013 03:00:00 PM

Best (Italian) Thing We Ate For Lunch: Cupola's Dome Salad

Our culinary journey through Italian Food Week involves copious consumption of pasta, pizza, freshly pulled mozzarella and other de facto heart-stoppers so were thrilled to tuck into the eponymous Dome Salad at Cupola Pizzeria located under the historic Dome in the Westfield Centre. The salad is an artfully constructed cornucopia of thinly shaved heirloom carrots, baby fennel, red bell peppers and bread crumbs dressed in a tomato vinaigrette, molded into a dome or “cupola” and finished with Parmesan shavings, fresh olive oil and torn basil.

It’s a playful and healthful riff on the traditional Italian panzanella bread salad that’s refreshing, large enough for two to share and delivers your daily recommended serving of vegetables. Order it to start, before moving on to the restaurant’s hand-torn pastas and signature Neapolitan-style pizzas (cooked in a dome-shaped oven - starting to see a theme here?). As it happens, all three dishes our offered on the restaurant’s special Dine About Town menu, which runs until the 31st.


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