1/04/2013 03:18:00 PM

Best Brunch Thing We Ate: Mercantile's Patty Melt

Since this was a short week, here’s something from our brunch last weekend to help you plan for Sunday. Instead of going to our usual spot after the Hollywood farmers market (*cough*Hungry Cat*cough*), we checked out Mercantile’s new brunch menu courtesy Top Chef’s CJ Jacobson. We could probably do without the pumping DJ music, but we would never pass up this messy mound of patty melt.

Owner George Abou-Daoud already has great burgers at his other spots (most notably the Bowery a few blocks away), but this one is different: a juicy beef patty smothered with grilled onions and melting American cheese, doused in Thousand Island dressing and served on a very respectable, buttery grilled rye bread. Ok, it may be a bit much, but it’s big enough to share; we'll just keep the fries, thanks, because they're pretty great. This beast kind of makes us want to go back for something else, like the savory bread pudding topped with two poached eggs. Brunch is just another word for nap, after all. That and a couple of mimosas will certainly do the trick.


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