1/03/2013 09:18:00 AM

Ben Spalding Leaves John Salt and Plans to Open His Own Restaurant

It wasn't long ago that we were excited to hear that Ben Spalding, ex-head chef at Roganic, was bringing his chicken on a brick to John Salt in Islington as part of a six month residency. But now it seems the pop-up has come to an abrupt end.

Just before Christmas the restaurant released a statement to say they were parting ways and had "made the joint decision to finish on a high and to follow the different directions we both wish to pursue." Spalding is now searching for a space to open his own restaurant and in his own statement said, "the next time you eat food in a restaurant with Ben Spalding as its chef, I’d like it be in a restaurant owned and run by Ben Spalding."

Neil Rankin, head chef at Pitt Cue Co, has taken over at John Salt and gave an interview to Hot Dinners explaining that diners should expect "lots of great seafood and meat, smoke and coal and a little bit of filth thrown in for good measure."

Those with existing reservations at John Salt will get 50% off their bill because of the change. 

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  1. Ben Spalding and John Salt were a good combination, they each benefited - especially John Salt as Spalding made the news. Why would he leave voluntarily with nowhere to go? They must have pushed him for some reason, there's more to this than meets the eye.