1/23/2013 05:11:00 PM

Batali, Telepan, Other NYC Chefs Take Stand Against Fracking

Chefs to drillers: leave Hudson Valley alone! 
Yesterday, it was East Village residents taking a stand against 7-Eleven. Today, it's notable NYC chefs putting their feet down about fracking - and at least one of those feet are clad in crocks. Mario Batali was among the big names that sent a letter to Andrew Cuomo urging the governor to ban hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking), which is being considered for extracting natural gas from upstate reservoirs. Batali was joined by food industry notables like Bill Telepan, Michael Anthony and Mary Cleaver.

Chef Heather Carlucci's organization Marcellus organized the drive - one of the primary concerns in the NYC restaurant community is that the process may damage the food and water supply, a bad thing with the current focus on locally sourced ingredients.


  1. It's the "Chefs for the Marcellus" campaign at chefsformarcellus.org., where you can find the complete list of all who have signed on, including chefs, breweries, vineyards, farms and local NY food purveyors.

    You can also follow us on Twitter via @chefs4Marcellus and like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chefs4Marcellus

    1. P.S. Belatedly, thanks for the coverage, James!