1/17/2013 05:00:00 PM

Bastille Kitchen Expected to Open September in Fort Point Channel

A rendering of Bastille Kitchen
Longtime restaurateur Seth Greenberg and chef-business partner Mark Goldberg (ParkWoodward) are pairing up to create an expansive French restaurant, Bastille Kitchen, in the heart of Fort Point Channel in the Seaport District this September.

It was known some time ago that Greenberg, a co-owner of the celebrated French/Mediterranean Mistral, was opening in the area, but the name and specifics were not clear. According to him, the upcoming French Bistro will attempt to be a dining destination akin to Pastis in NYC's Meatpacking District. Expect a moderately priced menu that's locally sourced, save for the cheese, which will of course come from France.

Boston interior designer Petra Hausberger of Somerton Park Interiors plans to mix old and new materials  (reclaimed wood, exposed brick, antique fireplace mantel) for the 8,500 sq. ft, 240 seat space. The resulting look will land somewhere between chic and industrial.

49 Melcher St.


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