1/10/2013 11:09:00 AM

Are You Embarrassed to Complain in a Restaurant?

According to a recent poll commissioned by Customer First Solutions, a shocking 47% of diners in Britain are too embarrassed to complain if something is wrong in a restaurant. In fact they go so far as to insist everything is fine. We're interested to hear where you stand on making a complaint when something isn't right. Tell us in the comment box below. Unless, of course, you're too embarrassed.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images


  1. I guess people are also too embarrassed to comment.

    I too am often too shy to do so. sometimes the setting makes it awkward but the last time I complained, the manager actually said someone else just said the same thing...

  2. I guess some people don't bother complaining because they know there is no solution or action taken for their complaint