1/11/2013 10:26:00 AM

Arctic Roll: The Retro Dessert Makes a Comeback

The Arctic roll is making a comeback! The retro ice-cream-and-sponge-cake dessert was a childhood favourite and we're happy to see it popping up on menus around London. Here are three places to try it now.

The Mall Tavern
The menu at this Notting Hill pub proudly gives us a touch of nostalgia although the Arctic rolls (pumpkin, prune and whiskey, blackberry and apple) are not how we remember them.

Union Jacks
You'll find the best of British at Jamie Oliver's pizza chain including the spongy dessert, which is given a grown up twist with white chocolate and fresh fruit.

Birds Eye
The original vanilla ice cream with raspberry flavoured sauce wrapped in sponge cake was recently reintroduced to the Birds Eye range. Taking your back to your childhood, this cheap and cheerful dessert available at Waitrose tastes as good now as it did then.

Photo: Courtesy of The Lambshank Redemption


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