1/14/2013 02:11:00 PM

Alla Spina’s New GM is a Comedian Who Likes Giving Away Beer

We’re fond of describing Alla Spina as “irreverent,” but it looks like we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The North Broad beer bar announced today via YouTube that Vetri Family beverage director Steve Wildy is stepping in as general manager (he’ll keep both positions). Give the video a spin to find out how to pronounce Wildy’s last name and see what’s in store, including instructional videos (“I’ll make up some stuff about beers we just tapped!”), weekly class nights at the bar (“Everything you know about beer is wrong!”) and weekly beer giveaways.

In fact, if you stop into Alla Spina and mention this video any night this week, you’ll get a free pour of new house beer Hundred Horse Ale from Victory. Don’t miss the bonus shot of Marc Vetri hanging his head over the new manager’s financials.


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