1/18/2013 05:37:00 AM

Actor Rupert Everett Recommends a First Date Restaurant

"Bar Italia in Soho because it is a great place to people-watch and you can look at passers-by if you can't think of anything got say to your date." 

- Actor Rupert Everett talks to ES magazine about his favourite places in London

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  1. Personally I wouldn't recommend a restaurant at all for a first date. Can you imagine spending time with someone you have no chemistry with having a meal? Bound to lead to indigestion and worse still boredom! My advice is to have a coffee during the day in Starbucks and if it all works out then arrange a dinner date. Before you arrange a first date though suggest you get to know the person first using the video chat feature in one of the most popular dating sites such as www.attracion.com.