1/04/2013 11:17:00 AM

Actor Patrick Dempsey Successfully Outbids Starbucks to Buy Tully's Coffee

Well hello there
Grey's Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey aka "McDreamy" and his company Global Baristas LLC has outbid a number of contenders including Starbucks and bikini barista chain Baristas Coffee Co. to purchase chain Tully's coffee for a reported $9.15 million. Tully's Coffee, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October has 47 locations in Washington and California. The winning bid won't be officially certified until the 11th but Dempsey tweeted last night: "We met the green monster, looked her in the eye, and...SHE BLINKED! We got it! Thank you Seattle!" [NYP]


  1. Welcome out of the world of just another "celeb with dough." Awesome! Way beyond measure. Business people are so incredibly envious that I read very few comment either way. The deal is a steal, what you do after this is yet to be seen. However my-man this is a grand coup. Again congratulations!!