1/31/2013 10:30:00 AM

Abby Park Showcases Catch from Hawaii

Monchong from Hawaii with sake vinaigrette
If you're looking to escape from Boston for a bit, why not do so by way of ingredients. Currently Tony DeRienzo of Abby Park in Milton is having fun playing with fish from Hawaii.

The variety of fish - Mako shark, big-eye tuna, monchong - has been flown in overnight and is now seeing itself carved up as specials at the restaurant. Take the monchong, pictured here. The mild-flavored deep sea fish is served with edamame fritters, red radish, bean sprouts and Japanese plum seasoned with a sake vinaigrette ($25). Other dishes include the coconut cashew-crusted make shark and the big-eye tuna with black olive consommé.

The fish is brought to you (or rather chef DeRienzo) by the Honolulu Fish Company. Come and get it while it's fresh (617-696-8700).


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