1/11/2013 12:25:00 PM

A Chef and A Shotgun: The Hunt Brings Strange Game to Next

Here's the latest from Achatz world: Blood and bones and food served on logs. The latest video released by Next shows the new menu is more than strange game meat (although that is a substantial part of it). It brings the flavors of the Midwest into the upscale restaurant with an elegant take on local, foraged and preserved ingredients. In addition to dishes such as rabbit pate, elk jerky, boar salami, antelope heart tartare, and blood sausage served on a log; more refined courses such as poached sturgeon are served on antique china. Serious Eats has a first look at the complete meal.

Season tickets for 2103, which also include the vegetarian and Bocuse d'Or menus, have been sold. The first round of individual tables went on sale on Tuesday and sold out in two hours. The remaining tickets for The Hunt will go on sale next week as well as same night tables being sold thorough their Twitter and Facebook page. Tickets can only be purchased through the Next ticketing system. Good luck, and happy hunting.


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