1/29/2013 02:27:00 PM

9 Pricey Pastas From Around the U.S.

Yes, this pasta costs $2,013.
We usually think of pasta as an affordable staple of Italian cuisine. But that's clearly not always the case, as evidenced by one particular New York eatery that recently debuted a plate of noodles that will cost you about the same as a top-of-the-line laptop. Click through to find some of the spendiest pastas across the U.S. Would you splurge for any of these? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I'm looking at the Zagat page on my screen. Here's what I see:
    9 Pricey Pastas From Around the U.S.
    The Hottest Italian Restaurants in the U.S.
    The Top Italian Restaurants in 25 U.S. Cities
    New York's 12 Best Italian Restaurants
    Boston: Hot Restaurants
    Chicago: Hot Restaurants
    DC: Hot Restaurants
    London: Hot Restaurants
    NYC: Hot Restaurants

    What's missing? Could there be places to dine out outside of the US? Looks like Zagat found London - I'm assuming that is London, England. What about the 'Hottest Restaurants' everywhere else on the planet?

  2. Solution to Expensive Pasta ! Get a great cookbook like "La Tavola" by Daniel Bellino .. Lots of great stories and recipes. His recipe for Ragu Bolognese is Famous ... You can make a big pot for about $12.00 of which you'll get about 16 portions . It'll cost you about .85 Cents a portion with th pasta for one of the tastiest Pasta Dishes ever ... His nickname is "Danny Bolognese" Great Sunday Sauce and Pasta Fazool recipe in the book ... PS It's my Favorite ITALIAN COOKBOOK .. It's da Bomb!


  3. Tell me about it! I Love that book "La TAVOLA" And yes the Bolgnese Sauce Recipe is friggin Awesome !!!!