1/23/2013 11:04:00 AM

9 Must-Visit International Food Streets

For the culinary-minded traveler, sightseeing comes second to dining. The prospect of exploring a city’s food culture is enough to thrill any intrepid gourmet, with each street holding the promise of new aromas and flavors. We've compiled a list of nine of the world's best strips for restaurant-hopping and casual snacking, from Montreal and Copenhagen to Sydney. Check them out in the slide show below.


  1. Interesting post but Ferrán Adria had his restaurant in Catalonia and San Sebastian is in the Basque Country which is not Catalonia. So the mention of San Sebastian is as irrelevant as mentioning Seville.

  2. Astonished you did not mention Zucca in this piece.

  3. It`s not Casa Lucas, it`s Casa Lucio. Haven`t you been there?

  4. Is this a joke? I thought this list would be dominated by streets in Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, maybe Mexico City or Jerusalem or Mumbai... Seriously? Seriously????? None of these cities would even make my list of top 100 places to get street food.

    Okay, so technically the the article is about best streets to get food, not best streets to find street food...but even then, any street in Hong Kong or China blows any street, restaurant and city in Europe, North America, and Australia OFF THE MAP.

    OFF THE MAP!!!!!!

    Excuse the multiple exclamation points but this is a serious travesty, people.

    And the restaurants aren't even correctly cited. FAIL.

  5. Is there an America version of this list? If so 9th Street in Philadelphia certainly deserves a place on it?