1/15/2013 05:08:00 PM

7 Must-Try Tasting Menus in Chicago That Won't Break the Bank

Cafe des Architectes
Last week we attempted to get tickets to Next. The horror stories of virtual waiting rooms and impossible-to-snag tables are true. Needless to say, after two hours on the ticketing site, we did not secure a table for their current menu, "The Hunt." We did, however, pull out all of our eyebrow hairs in an act of stress. Until they grow back, we will stick with these nonticketed tasting menus that are safe for diners on a budget. Does a tasting menu you've tried qualify as a "best meal ever"? Submit your favorite meal of all time in our contest for a chance to win $500.


  1. Breakfast in Palm Springs..........
    The VERY best is at Norma's at The Parker (hotel/resort) ! Amazing traditional items perfectly twisted into the tastiest versions of French Toast, Eggs Benedict and many other items. This is NOT to be missed if you are anywhere near the area!

  2. Instead of spending $72/person at Shanghai Terrace, go to Sun way and get the whole dinner for $35 and with four courses.