1/29/2013 01:11:00 PM

5 Must-Try Red-Sauce Italian Restaurants in Philadelphia

Classic marinara is the cornerstone of Italian-American cooking. Ladled over veal Parmesan, tossed with spaghetti or tucked inside lasagna, the sauce gives off a vibe as homey as the red-checked tablecloths it’s served over. Indulge in comfort food tradition at one of these must-try red-sauce Italians in Philadelphia. Since it's Italian Week, let us know: where do you get your gravy fix?


  1. The 5 mentioned restaurants are fabulous, but, Italian food lovers must also try LaFourno (6th & South), Village Belle (Iron Chef and Chopped competitor on Front St.) and Core de Roma (2nd & South). Each has delicious and unique specialities and every meal is a great meal!

  2. The best pizza in South Philadelphia, bar none!

    1. Marra's has the best pizza in South Philadelphia - forgot to mention the restaurant!

  3. Wow! Those Italian Restaurants are really awesome and cool. Love it! Thanks for sharing and hope to visit the place.