1/07/2013 02:27:00 PM

5 Best Spots for Dim Sum in the Bay Area

What better time of year to cozy up to a steaming-hot plate of dim sum than the chilly days of early January? Luckily the Bay Area has no shortage of top-notch options that fit the bill. Check out the top five dim sum spots near you from our 2013 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants guide in the slide show below.


  1. I had lunch at Coi Palace with friends from London on Thursday. The service very slow. The dim sum passable at best. I don't think that I will go back again. Better restautrants in Milbrae if you are looking for dim sum before a flight from sfo.... or of course Yank Sing.

  2. This article is outdated. The DS chefs have changed at several of these restaurants since late 2012, food quality has gone down.