1/07/2013 10:24:00 AM

2013 Preview: 12 DC Restaurant Openings We're Excited About

Mari Vanna's bar scene
Loosen your belts. Late winter is going to provide plenty of delicious dining temptations as exciting new restaurants get ready to open their doors. Donuts and fried chicken are on the front burner at fast-casual outlets. Eastern Europe, with its flavored vodkas, potent spirits and solid vittles, will step into the foodie spotlight as well. Indeed, the international Mari Vanna group’s stylish bar has already debuted near Dupont Circle, with the upstairs Russian dining room slated to open shortly.

Popular area toques are scheduled to debut gastropub-style spots in hot neighborhoods like Shaw, Capitol Hill and 14th Street NW. Long-awaited entries from Philadelphia’s Stephen Starr and Chinatown’s Daikaya (whose Living Social preview will be on January 16 and 17) look like they will indeed open before spring. Check out some of the most enticing prospects in the slide show.


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  2. Agreed! At least include the info in the article below the slideshow. Clicking through a slideshow on your iPhone is a pain...

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