1/08/2013 02:10:00 PM

10 Places to Eat Poutine (and Gravy Fries) in Philadelphia

Poutine might be the ultimate winter comfort food, as Canadians well know. The salty, satisfying mess of fries and cheese curds doused in gravy is not for the health-conscious or faint of heart, but a plateful will banish hunger and chills with aplomb.

In Philadelphia, several variations are out there for the munching, along with the Americanized version known as gravy fries. Check out all the decadent snack plates in the slide show below, and bookmark this post for easy access next time you have late-night cravings that need a serious fix.

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  1. Awesome! A comment about the Alla Spina craft beer: its crazy that Philly is spearheading the Italian craft beer here in America!