1/14/2013 01:14:00 PM

10 Must-Try Tasting Menus Around LA

A Melisse classic
Small-plates menus, where everyone orders one to three dishes to share among the table in no particular order, are everywhere. So it's refreshing to sit down to an organized meal, one dictated by the seasons or whims of the chef, in which textures and flavors build off of each other with each course, creating one singular memorable dining experience. A great tasting menu should give a sense of that chef's and restaurant's vision from the amuse bouche to the mignardises, whether it's five courses or 20. Check out the slide show of our 10 must-try picks, including a few that won't break the bank, and let us know your favorites in the comments. Does a tasting menu you've tried qualify as a "best meal ever"? Submit your favorite meal of all time in our contest for a chance to win $500.


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