1/15/2013 02:08:00 PM

10 Essential New York Tasting Menus

A dish at Dovetail
Why bother to order when you can have the chef do it for you? There are few culinary experiences that beat a well-curated tasting menu. These chef-chosen selections offer chefs a way to tell a story while letting diners enjoy five, seven or sometimes even more courses. You have to choose carefully though, as the meals can last upwards of four hours and cost over $100.

Of course, the city's fine-dining establishments offer amazing chef-curated selections, but we're going to look beyond the Per Ses and Eleven Madisons for tasting menus that are equally special, if a bit more off the radar. Click through the slide show below for our favorites - whether you're heading by for a special occasion or just a splurge, you won't be disappointed. Does a tasting menu you've tried qualify as a "best meal ever"? Submit your favorite meal of all time in our contest for a chance to win $500.



  1. Please, Mas Farmhouse, you’re too damned fussy and you fail at making the guest feel welcome. Your porcine manager (Allen?), at the hostess stand, somehow believes he’s the bouncer or doorman at Studio 54 in the late 70s. Yes, your kitchen cranks out pretty awesome fare, and your waitstaff is above par, but the face that is supposed to welcome the guest and set the tone for evening, completely fails. How is it humanly possible to enjoy the meal when welcomed to the restaurant with indifference and outright hostility? With so many other excellent dining options in this city, we choose to spend our dining-out dollars at those places that crank out wonderful food AND make the guest feel welcome. Mas Farmhouse will very likely go the way of Chicago’s Charlie Trotter’s if they don’t take a lesson or two from Danny Meyer.

  2. Torrisi is interesting:


    Pasta Tasting at Babbo is simply fantastic: