12/18/2012 10:43:00 AM

World's Largest Pizza Is Gluten-Free

The Italians have claimed back the title for the largest pizza in the world, and in keeping with the first world obsession for food allergies, the massive pie is 100% gluten-free - probably because the event was sponsored by Dr. Schar - a company that produces gluten-free food to raise awareness of celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity.

The massive 130-ft. pizza contained 19,800 pounds of flour, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 1,488 pounds of margarine and 551 pounds of rock salt. Five chefs spent over 48 hours baking the dough which had to be done in 5000 separate batches and after officials from the Guinness World Records presented them with the award the huge pie was cut and shared with the audience. We are assuming there was enough to go around.

 Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire

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  1. Bullcrap, they didn't bake the world's largest pizza they assembled it from 5000 smaller pizzas. Needs to be baked as a whole pie to count.