12/19/2012 11:35:00 AM

Where to Celebrate the End of the World in Philadelphia

There’s always the slight chance an ancient prophecy is right, so while the December 21 Mayan-predicted end of the world may or may not come to pass, there’s no reason not to take advantage of special events held in its honor. Tasting dinners worthy of being a last meal and a slew of special beer tappings are on the calendar to help you make the most of your last day on Earth.

Spend the Doomsday Eve (that would be Thursday) enjoying seven decadent courses from chef Jason Cichonski. Caviar, champagne, foie gras, lobster, rib eye and plenty of Mayan chocolate fill out the menu, which runs $150 per person. You can also pony up $20 additional to get a VIP package that includes entry to the Maya 2012: Lords of Time exhibit at the Penn Museum. You’ll still have all day on Friday to use the ticket! Limited reservations are still available (267-687-8512).

This Headhouse Mexican is named after the Mayan princess of flowers, and on Friday the restaurant is toasting its heritage with a special $30 three-course prix fixe. Choices include huarache flatbread, a shrimp-stuffed poblano pepper and a 24-hour-brined pollo frito (fried chicken). Stay for late night happy hour from 9-11 PM and finish out your time with $5 blood orange margaritas (215-238-7280).

Penn Museum
The Young Friends of the Penn Museum are hosting their own party celebrating the above-mentioned Maya 2012 exhibit. A party at the museum itself will feature a cash bar with Mayan-inspired cocktails, light Mayan hors d’oeuvres, high-flying acrobats and a DJ. Tickets are $40 each and are available online here.

Grey Lodge Pub
The Northeast tavern is getting fancy for its final hours, and throwing a party dubbed “C'est La Fin du Monde, et Nous Nous Sentons Bien.” Feel fine by sipping on drafts of Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde, a 9% ABV triple-style golden ale, as well as pours of Troegs Scratch #83 - Impending Desecent. The beer will be available from 10 AM-close, unless the world ends first (215-856-3591).

Bierstube and Eulogy Belgian Tavern
In Old City, both of these Michael Naessens establishments will be pouring La Fin du Monde, and t-shirts and other merchandise from Unibroue will be given away throughout the evening. A Mayan-inspired chocolate chunk bread pudding will be a special menu addition at both bars (215-922-2958 and 215-413-1918).

Monk’s Cafe
Several kegs of the rare La Fin du Monde found their way to this beer mecca in Center City. The brew will flow from taps from 11:30 AM onward, and a the party is expected to reach apocalyptic levels (215-545-7005).

Resurrection Ale House
The Grays Ferry beer bar will also be tapping Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde for an all-day “End of the World, Ma!” party. Dogfish Head’s Theobroma, based on an ancient Aztec recipe (it’s close to Mayan...) will also be pouring (215-732-2202).

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