12/06/2012 02:21:00 PM

What Jeremy Fox is Serving at Old Soul Tonight

Homemade morcilla for Old Souls
The pop-up that isn't a pop-up, Jeremy Fox's Old Soul, debuts tonight, and we have our hands on the opening menu - or at least what the chef is thinking (you never know what changes). Fox begins his evening take over Square One Dining in East Hollywood Thursday through Sunday nights, and reservations can be made here (walk-ins also available). And a bonus: If you place a phone order for wine from Domaine LA, it will magically appear at the restaurant for your reservation. We just picked up a few fab under-$20 bottles from there the other day. Ask for recommendations - owner Jill Bernheimer and crew won't steer you wrong.

Click through for Old Soul's debut menu. There's also a vegetarian menu by request. Both are $50 per person.

Whole Grilled Sardine
salt cod, Rose Finn potato, fennel salsa verde, parmesan

Spicy Rancho Gordo Bean Broth
black kale, torn bread, rosemary, poached egg

Homemade Morcilla Hash
d'avignon radish, pickled apple, horseradish fondue

Wooly Pig Lard Biscuit
persimmon, sage honey, soft cream


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