12/10/2012 09:19:00 AM

Westminster Council Cracks Down on Rare Burgers

How do you like your burger cooked? Answer quickly because you may not have a choice for long.

The recent trend for gourmet burgers has produced a collection of fast-food joints in London to rival even the most juicy American buns but now the killjoys over at Westminster Council are getting involved and could put an end to the fun by imposing strict controls on undercooked meat.

Last year Byron - the upmarket London burger chain -  stopped serving its hamburgers rare following the intervention of an unnamed local authority despite the fact that there had not been a single issue or customer complaint about it. And now the Evening Standard has reported that after routine inspections by environmental health officers, Westminster council challenged the way Davy’s - a central London wine bar - was serving its £13.95 burgers. Davy’s has taken the case to the High Court, which experts say could set a legal precedent as to whether or not diners will be able to order meat rare or medium rare.

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  1. So how will the authorities consider a potential masterchef innovation such as steak tartare burger, sushi burger or a carpaccio burger? If the meat is cooked with heat, radiowaves or lemon/alcohol/vinegar as required to kill any bacteria, then it should be ok!