12/13/2012 03:11:00 PM

Urbano Pizza Bar Shutters, King Eddy's Final Weekend

King Eddy/KPCC
Due to its overwhelming success, the ACME Bar Group has closed Urbano Pizza Bar in Downtown LA and plan to move it to a new location. The owners - who also have Library Bar, Spring St and the King Eddy Saloon under their umbrella - told the Daily Dish that "Urbano is going to get bigger," so they decided to move it although they haven't announced where yet. They'll turn that spot at the corner of 6th and Hope into a new concept, 6th St. Tavern.

Speaking of the King Eddy, which the group took over earlier this year, Skid Row's oldest family-owned bar will close after service this Sunday night. While the ACME guys said it won't get a complete overhaul, there will be some cosmetic changes. And the hipsters will inevitably move in to replace the old-timers who've been going here for the last 50 years.


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