12/20/2012 12:00:00 PM

Unleash Your Inner Zorro with 'Sabering Champagne 101' at Market

Learn how to do this...with a saber at Market by Jean Georges.
We’re writing this with a disclaimer - attend this event at your own risk: On Friday, December 28, providing the world hasn’t ended a week before, learn how to open your Champagne with a saber in "Sabering Champagne 101" class at W Hotel’s Market by Jean-Georges. You’ll learn how to unleash the bubbly like a pro, then get to taste it with some paired nibbles. Call ahead to reserve a space and, um, a saber. Good luck with that (6:30 PM; $45; 617-310-6790)!

Thanks to Bostonchefs.com who tipped us off to this exciting opportunity.


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