12/11/2012 12:00:00 PM

Two New Lunch Deals: St. Vincent and Hakkasan

Osso buco was recently featured as a one-pot lunch at St. Vincent
Looking for something more sophisticated than a Lee's sandwich or a burrito? Two restaurants in town, one in the Mission, one Downtown, are enticing midday diners with daily lunch specials. Check 'em out below.

St. Vincent One Pot Lunches: Here’s a cheap and filling way to fill your belly at lunch. Every Tuesday-Friday, from 12-3 PM, chef Bill Niles of St. Vincent in the Mission is a series of one-pot meals - braises, stews etc. cooked in a single bubbling-over pot. Just $12 will get you fed but shell out another $8, and you can choose from any wine from the tavern’s by-the-glass selection. (Beer is also available for purchase.)

The lineup for this week’s one-pot lunch is: 
Tuesday 12/11: Pork Sausage chili
Wednesday 12/12: She-Crab soup
Thursday 12/13: French Onion Soup
Friday 12/14: Risi E Bisi: Venetian-Style Risotto With Peas

St Vincent; 1270 Valencia St, 415-285-1200, check the website to view the weekly menus in advance.

Taste of Hakkasan Three-Course Lunch: Although it’s likely to attract expense account wielding customers, the city’s newest outpost of the upscale Chinese Hakkasan is offering the rest of us plebeians a special $29, three-course lunch menu, available Monday-Friday from 11:30 AM- 2:30 PM in the restaurant, the bar or in the Ling Ling lounge. Customers can customize their own set menu from a range of choices that include fried and steamed dim sum, entrees such as spicy prawns with lily bulb and stir-fry black pepper rib-eye, served with a side of pak choi or steamed or fried rice, followed by a selection of macarons.

Hakkasan, 1 Kearny St, 415-829-8148


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