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Top Chef Seattle Episode 6: All's Faris

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C.J. is gone, and the cheftestants are all visibly shaken at the beginning of last night's sixth episode after a trainwreck of an elimination challenge last time. Despite the terrible plates of food that most of the chefs put out, Brooke feels like she and Stefan still deserve to be around, but that C.J. does too. For the quickfire, we're greeted by viral sensation Marilyn Hagerty (who wrote a glowing review of Olive Garden earlier this year). Really, Top Chef? John thinks she looks like Martha Stewart's mother. Marilyn starts talking about her book deal with Tony Bourdain and how the whole thing has been "a real hoot." It's kind of awesome for a hot minute, but then we quickly realize that a heavy product placement moment is going down with Truvia. Even Marilyn is forced to say some schilly lines about it. We bow our heads in shame.

The cheftestants have to make a holiday dish based on their own heritage and must share knives, so of course everyone is chopping with spatulas and grating up onions like complete wackjobs. Stefan makes latkes to pay homage to his Jewish ex-wife, Josh makes johnnycakes and Brooke does some kind of spin on apple pie and cheddar cheese. Micah is a self-proclaimed "Blaxican" and so it's his moment to shine by making tamales, but wait - Josie is making them too. Marilyn finds the tamales highly unusual and later calls them "tacos" when it comes down to judging. Oy. Brooke's "homey" dish ends up winning Marilyn's heart.

The celeb parade doesn't stop with Marilyn - in walk actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, who are delightfully annoying, and the chefs must make dishes to "satisfy their foodie cravings" at their homecoming party. Lawdy. Celeb chef Rick Moonen is also involved in the judging, and John is freaking out because he used to work for him and "no one understands that that isn't a good thing." He makes a clam chowder that Moonen taught him to make - safe enough - and nonshockingly ends up in the top four.

Bart and Eliza both make elk, although the judges think Eliza's plate is bland and dry. Kristen makes a killer tortelloni that everyone loves and Stefan's goulash is also a hit because it's "what a pregnant woman craves." Danyele is super-nervous and can barely keep her head on straight, which lands her in the bottom. Josh takes a hit for his underseasoned pork - P.S. he likes to say that he's known for his pork, but concedes that "maybe he should stop cooking it." Padma thinks he should just stop saying it. Oh snap. In the end, Brooke wins yet again and responds with "shut up" upon hearing the news. Eliza gets sent home for her lackluster elk. Until next week!

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  1. The best part of this episode of “Top Chef: Seattle” has to be Marilyn Hagerty referring to Micah’s dish as a taco instead of a tamale. I was surprised Eliza was eliminated, but I don’t think she was that strong of a competitor. I’m going to miss next week’s episode so I’m setting my DISH Hopper to record it, but I’m bad with setting weekly timers so I set it to record the season. There is over 400 hours of HD DVR room so I can record this show and my other favorite shows that air the same night. Danyele got a pass this week, but I don’t think she will make it much further in the competition.