12/20/2012 03:00:00 PM

The Morrison Brings Scotch Eggs and Whiskey to Atwater Village Tonight

The guys behind Stout in Hollywood, including Scotsman Charles Lew, have refashioned Kuma Sushi into The Morrison, a new Scottish-themed pub that officially debuts tonight. The place has a gastropubby feel, complete with plaid accents and lots of beer, meaning 40-plus on tap. The menu touts "traditional Scottish fare," and while the Facebook page shows pictures of meat pies and such, on the the website it reads more like English and Irish pub food, including a burger with marrow butter, cod and chips with peas, corned beef sandwich on rye, and a rarebit sandwich.

There are some Scottish specialties, like cock-a-leekie soup with roasted garlic dumplings, and scotch eggs with venison sausage. Bevvies run the whiskey gamut, from the large and varied selection to cocktails like the Applewood made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, smoked apple juice, chocolate yerba mate tea and bitters. The Morrison opens for dinner tonight and adds lunch on Friday (3179 Los Feliz Blvd.; 323-667-1839).


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