12/03/2012 05:02:00 PM

The Black Cat (aka Village Idiot Jr.) Opens in Silver Lake Tonight

The guys behind the popular Melrose pub have been working on this second space for quite some time, taking over the former and famous Black Cat Tavern (and most recently Le Barcito) in Silver Lake, and are set to debut it to the public tonight, according to Eater. Like the Village Idiot, the space has that gastropubby vibe - tufted banquettes, sleek chandeliers, tavern chairs, eclectic art on the walls - a full dinner menu, and a straightforward booze list (specialty cocktails, craft brews, wine). The menu is courtesy chef DJ Olsen, who was most recently at Lou on Vine.

The original Black Cat Tavern was the epicenter of gay activism in the 1960s when police raided the then new pub and arrested its patrons. The community protested, which resulted in riots where there were more beatings and arrests. It was one of the first gay riots of the time, and definitely sparked a wave. The building is now designated as a Cultural Historic Landmark, and its new tenants plan to honor it, thus the name. "It's amazing history," co-owner Charlie Conrad, a Silver Lake resident, told the Eastsider LA. "We want to embrace it. Let's not forget it."

3909 W. Sunset Blvd.

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  1. The bar was called, "Le Barcito", not El Barcito. The new place looks quite impressive. Their parking lot has drastically limited customer parking. WHY do they have valet parking??? Just another way to make more money. Ridiculous! I personally don't feel it's a good addition to our neighborhood. Probably won't be going there anytime soon. (I'm not a lottery winner.)