12/26/2012 02:42:00 PM

The Best Thing We Drank This Weekend: Mayan Melk at Wormhole

A nose full of fresh cracked black pepper is not a pleasurable experience, except when it is followed by a sip of the Mayan Melk at The Wormhole Coffee. The specialty white hot chocolate is made with lavender and earl grey syrup then topped with a cracked pepper marshmallow courtesy of Katherine Anne Confections. The baristas described the drink as “well-balanced excess,” and we were unsure what that meant until taking a sip from the small ceramic pot it is served in.

The slight sweet chocolate is balanced with the herbal flavor of the syrup. Both of these flavors are so subtle yet rich that the black pepper acts as a sensory kick-starter. Dig into the massive marshmallow for an extra sugar rush. For a more decadent hot chocolate experience, head over to Katherine Anne's storefront for a cup of drinking chocolate.

Cheers to the Mayans being wrong and inspiring this tasty creation.


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