12/13/2012 11:30:00 AM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Sea Bass at TriBeCa Canvas

Last night we stopped by a mobbed TriBeCa Canvas to check out Morimoto's take on comfort food. Even though the joint opened last week, it was just issued its liquor license, and judging by the two-deep crowd at the bar, the booze couldn't have started flowing too soon. A lot has been made about the macaroni 'n' cheese with a poached egg (Gael Greene gave it some love here) and the menu features "fun" bites like shrimp nachos and tuna toast, but we found that one of the Iron Chef's more serious seafood dishes was easily the best thing we tried. Not a surprise, considering how popular the chef's Chelsea namesake still is (last night, we spied him roosting in a booth near the bar at his new spot).

The meaty sea bass is served over a creamy, perfectly cooked farro that sits well with the winter chill in the air. The fish itself was tender and contained explosively tasty notes of butter. The plate proved that food doesn't have to be hearty or bad for you to be comforting - we'd take it over that more familiar mac 'n' cheese any day (917-720-2845).

Photo courtesy of ChekmarkEats.com

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