12/05/2012 01:21:00 PM

The Best Thing We Ate Last Night: “Fruit Cake” at Ruxbin

Yes, there is a reason one of the two items on Ruxbin’s dessert menu appears in quotes. That is because their version of “fruit cake” is far from the dense creation that’s catapulted across football fields each December. We prefer to call this is “Christmas on a plate” or “deep-fried festiveness.” Mini fried apple pies the size of dumplings are served with whiskey ice cream, Gouda, golden raisins, pecans and garnished with a bright red maraschino cherry.

The crispy and flaky pastry act as delicious wrapping paper for warm and gooey apple filling. Slightly salty Gouda contrasts the sweetness of the pie and ice cream. A final crunch is delivered from pecans while giving the entire plate the look of Christmas morning. Maybe that is due to the dusting of powdered sugar, or the combination of seasonal flavors and plating. One thing is for sure, this dish made us happier than anything found under a tree.


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