12/05/2012 03:00:00 PM

Tacolicious To Bring MF Chicken to Noe Valley

Tongues have been clucking since the team behind Tacolicious announced that they plan to open MF Chicken, a quick-service Mexican-inspired rotisserie chicken joint in Noe Valley. The suggestively named new venture, which will replace Hahn's Hibachi just in front of the bus line by the corner of Castro and 24th Streets, has lit up the imagination of the community as to the meaning of its acronym.

Tacolicious chef Telmo Faria, who'll be heading up the charge, suggests “My Favorite, Market Fresh and Muy Fantastico" but others have racier ideas, and make references to the 50 Shades of Cray. Like the similarly sassy-named Goood Frikin' Chicken, MF will sell a half and whole roasted Mary Chicken, along with a selection of sides, salsas and La Palma tortillas, to eat in the tiny storefront or take to go.

For those sticking around, they'll be beer wine, agua fresca and horchata to drink. The fact that there's a branch of Little Chihuahua just a block away probably had something to do with the fact that team isn't simply opening up another T-Lish (as they are doing in Palo Alto). Owner Joe Hargrave suggests the turnaround on the 25-seat storefront should be quick though it should be noted that Hahn's Habichi remains open.


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