12/11/2012 06:11:00 PM

Short Order Celebrates First Anniversary With New Menu

In the year that the short order cooks have been slinging burgers at Short Order, there's been a lot of, ahem, beef over whether these are the best burgers in town right now. Some people are fans of the special burger mix, the Sqirl pickles, and the soft buns; others aren't so wowed. But one thing is true - the place is always busy. It could be because of the location right on the corner in the Origianl Farmers Market parking lot, or it might be the custard shakes, or the really, really, really good cocktails in the bar upstairs. Whatever the reason, the place is going strong after a year, with chef Christian Page adding more things to the menu. It's not just burgers anymore.

When the late Amy Pressman dreamed of the burger joint, she enlisted the help of her longtime friend and mentor, Nancy Silverton, to help create a menu of classic burgers, shakes and fries. The two worked with Page, who added his own flair, and especially his relationship with local farmers. That's more apparent than ever with the new menu, which now features daily specials crafted from whole steer, comfort food favorites like meatloaf (Mondays), chicken-fried steak (Wednesdays) and pot roast (Saturdays). There are new seasonal salads and sides, too, like the wood-fired vegetables. We'll still take thos crazy goode spuds, thanks.

As they do with other lists around town, the bar team (Julian Cox and Josh Goldman) have specialty cocktails that change as the locally sourced ingredients do, so there's currently something like the Maple Syrup Toddy available. We'll toast Short Order's evolution with that (6333 W. 3rd St.; 323-761-7970).


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