12/07/2012 04:31:00 PM

SF's Ike's Place Wants to Make Sandwiches in Westwood

Many have come back from San Francisco raving about Ike's Place, a mini sandwich empire that has hundreds of combinations with funny names like the Ed Bundy, Spiffy Tiffy and Menage a Trois, fresh-baked bread, and something called Dirty Secret Sauce that gets slathered on just about everything. It's no secret that owner Ike Shehadeh has been eyeing Los Angeles - he met with investors and looked at locations here last year, and there's even a petition to get one in LA. Universal City and Hollywood were mentioned, but it seems he has his sights on Westwood first.

Via Facebook he asks: "Are you influential? Are you in the Westwood/UCLA area? Do you want to see Ike's go into the space where Subway is in (their lease just expired)? Well, the landlord hasn't heard of Ike's, so if you want to help expedite a So Cal Ike's, holler at the landlord's representative, Anat, and let her know how awesome we are. Her email is anatf@calamerican.com." Get on it, Bruins.


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