12/15/2012 03:00:00 PM

Service Week: A Look Back

Get those wallets out - Service Week is drawing to a close, womp womp. Not ready to settle up? Catch up on all of our FOH-themed coverage in a city near you below.

Check Please! Service Week Starts Now
Tipping Survey Results: How Much Do You Give, Who Makes the Most?
10 Dos and Don'ts of Hitting on Your Server
Restaurant Horror Stories: Customers and Servers Behaving Badly
Server Confidential: 8 Things You Don't Know About Restaurants
Chris Haarsgaard of the 21 Club on Service Mistakes, $5,000 Tips and Never Saying "No"
Service Week: Restaurant Staffers Talk Working on the Holidays
Service Week: Your Wittiest Outtakes!
Bonus Restaurant Horror Story: Beware the Sangria
Service Week Glossary: A Guide to Restaurant Lingo
Service Week Debate: Are Tableside Presentations Totally Antiquated?

10 Restaurants With the Best Service in New York
Where Are They Now: Tracking 9 Chefs Who Disappeared From New York

Providence's Donato Poto on Service Secrets, Fumbles and More
Service Pet Peeves: LA's Chefs, Somms and Restaurateurs Weigh In
10 Best Restaurants for Service Around Los Angeles

10 DC Metro Restaurants With the Best Service
5 Service Secrets of Bryan Voltaggio's Range
What's It Like to Work at Matchbox? 7 Training Staff Training Secrets

10 Restaurants With the Best Service in the Boston Area
At Your Service: Restaurants Go the Extra Mile to Make Your Night Special
Service Secrets: Island Creek Oyster Bar, Ceia, The Painted Burro
Zagat Stat: Bad Service and Noise Biggest Dining Pet Peeves in Boston

The 10 Best Chicago Restaurants With the Best Service

10 Restaurants With the Best Service in the Philadelphia Area
9 Most Memorable Server Uniforms in Philadelphia
Pro Tip: If Your Server Is Happy, You'll Be Happy
10 Under-the-Radar Counter Service Spots in Philadelphia
Zagat Stat: Bad Service Is the Biggest Dining Pet Peeve in Philadelphia

10 Best Restaurants for Service in San Francisco
Rude Restaurants and Sassy Spots We Love
Local Spotlight: Sommelier Rick Bakas' Reveals His Bay Area Favorites
Secret Service: Lindsay Tusk of Quince Reveals Her Unusual Training


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