12/19/2012 12:12:00 PM

Season Tickets for Next on Sale Soon

Warm up the credit cards. Yesterday, an email went out to previous season ticket holders officially announcing the 2013 menus. Season ticket holders will get first dibs on tables and set pricing – no word yet for us lowly bottom feeders who can only afford one of the three extravagant menus. Check out the menu descriptions below, and their their Facebook page for the full announcement.

“Our first menu -- THE HUNT - will begin Jan. 9 and run through April 28. Wild game will be featured, but so too other foraged and forgotten foods and techniques. It will prove a robust and adventurous meal for the peak of the Chicago winter.

Next up? VEGAN ! From May 8 to Aug. 24. Creativity often comes from imposing limits upon oneself and finding novel solutions within a framework of constraint. As Spring turns to Summer Next will feature a creative and ambitious menu without meat. Now, we at Next are the farthest thing from strict vegetarians but we are incredibly excited to be producing a menu of truly 4-star vegan cuisine. We look forward to welcoming a whole new set of customers to Next - and to surprising our omnivorous regulars!

“And finally, our grand menu of the year - Bocuse D’or - Concours Mondial de la Cuisine. With chef Achatz serving as one of the coaches to the US team it seemed fitting to bring the Olympics of the Culinary World to Next. This is the real Top Chef challenge: contestents have 5 hours and 35 minutes to prepare elaborate presentations. While we will not be under these time constraints (and limits on the number of chefs!) we will create presentations representative of the contest - elaborate meat and fish platters - while expanding on the menu to create a complete - and interactive - experience. Our Bocuse D’or will run from Aug. 31 to Dec. 31.”


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