12/07/2012 04:19:00 PM

Save the Date: Navajo Taco Pop-Up at 12 Steps Down

Photo via Flickr/tpavel
Speaking of 2013 occasions we're already looking forward to, January 21 is over a month away, but this event is so unique we thought it worth an early heads up. On that Monday eve, the kitchen of the Italian Market's 12 Steps Down will be taken over by a trio of cooks who will create and serve the region’s first and only Navajo Tacos. What kind of tacos? Extremely popular in the Southwest, these consist of a plate-size puff of decadent Navajo fry bread with toppings of meat, cheese and veggies.

Marcos Espinoza (of Side Project Jerky fame) is spearheading the pop-up, which came about because of his yearning for the tacos his mother makes at her Salt Lake City Navajo diner. Joining him in the kitchen in January will be Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz and chef-turned-food-artist Hawk Krall. The à la carte menu will include fry bread topped with mutton stew as well as a vegetarian option, along with a dessert variation. A fried dough dish we’ve never tried before? Bring it on.


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