12/21/2012 01:11:00 PM

Route 6 Launches New House Ale and New Happy Hour Menu

Just over a year after opening, Stephen Starr’s seafood house on North Broad is going strong. A recent visit presented a decently populated dining area, its room-inside-a-room construction offering a cozy respite to outside chill, and a packed, buzzing bar and lounge. It’s no wonder, because the happy hour offerings at Route 6 have gotten a nice upgrade, anchored by a brand new house beer made by Dock Street Brewing Co.

Called Route 6 Ale, the new beer is a product of several tasting sessions and back-and-forth discussions between the West Philly brewery and the Route 6 team. The result is a 5.1% ABV rye pale ale that is crisp and clean, with an upfront pungency on the nose that dissipates quickly and leaves no lingering bitterness (it has a relatively low 32 IBU rating). “This is a beer you could drink and not worry about giving your date a good night kiss right after,” says beverage manager Cathy Cheung.

Possibly the best part about the brew, which owes its flavor to toasty Maris Otter malts and bright Centennial hops, is that it’s available for just $2.50 per glass (or $12 per pitcher) at happy hour. The regular price is $6 per glass ($22 per pitcher), but it’s worth arriving for happy hour because the 4:30-6:30 PM, Monday-Friday menu has a few other new must-tries.

The fried flounder sandwich, for example, is a filet-o-fish gone upscale, with huge, fluffy filets surrounded by pickled onions, tartar sauce and chopped lettuce on a snowflake roll for $8 with a side of housemade chips. A sandwich and beer combo at a Stephen Starr restaurant for less than $11? Perhaps it is the apocalypse.


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