12/06/2012 05:30:00 PM

Quote of the Day: Donald Trump Decrees Boycott on Glenfiddich Scotch

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"I hereby call for a boycott on drinking Glenfiddich products because there is no way a result such as this could have been made by the Scottish people."

-Donald Trump calls for a boycott of Glenfiddich scotch after the company ruffled his feathers by sponsoring an award given to a critic of his Scottish golf course. [Guardian]


  1. I can only agree with the comment above. Trump seems to feel that the people of Scotland love him - he's wrong, so very, very wrong. Maybe a few around his golf course benefit but everyone I have discussed this with agrees that the guy is an unwelcome egomaniac. His pathetic little Twitter spat with Alan Sugar only made him look like more of an idiot..... not that anyone with hair like that needs the help of Sugar to do that.

    Word to the wise, Donald: you can have all the money (or debt) in the world but it can't buy class.

  2. Agree with both comments above, what a fucked up piece of shit that over inflated arsehole is. No Scot supports his foray into Scottish landscape, his egotistical, pompous arrogance has fucked off every Scot beyond this stupid cunts' comprehension.
    Michael Forbes could've made a tidy sum if he buckled and sold his land to the fat bullying fuck, instead he showed more character and class by NOT selling out and for mine that makes him the Scot of the millennium not just year.
    For your info too you pathetic wig wearing cunt, Scots voted Forbes as the overwhelming winner for this prize, Glenfiddich only sponsor it.
    If Andy Murray is any more a Scot than the rest of us, he too would've voted for Forbes.
    Once again let me reiterate EVERY Scottish opinion on this topic, 'fuck off you fat Fucken pig' leave Scotland to the Scottish. You cunt!

  3. Why are the Scots so angry maybe its because they fuck sheep instead of women$$$$$ LOL

  4. Hahahaha it seems the deluded Trump continues to believe the sun shines out of his inflated arse......
    No normal Scot is supportive of what he's done to Scotland nor does it benefit anyone but his sycophant friends, insignificant snobs and of course his pockets.
    Trump was Trumped and the spoilt brat doesn't like it.
    I'd like to tell him directly to "fuck off" too

  5. William Wallace wouldn't even drink that piss water, Scots lay off the drink sucks!

  6. Fuck off ye fucken arse monkey! At least Wallace wasn't from fucken KENYA. Your man drinks fucken bannana pops.

  7. I suppose sheep are more preferable to some nations women?

  8. Scots should be grateful to Mr. Trump for building such a magnificent golf course in the country that invented the game.

  9. The original golf courses accentuated the landscape not replaced it. And Trump, you don't understand the Scots.