12/20/2012 02:13:00 PM

Pizza Hut Singapore Debuts Crazy Pizza Within a Pizza

Image via Pizza Hut
NASA has officially debunked pesky end of the world rumors for tomorrow, December 21, but with this latest development, we're not so sure we believe them. Pizza Hut Singapore has released a new "pizza within a pizza" called a "Double Sensation" which features not one but two layers of crust. The outermost pizza crust is stuffed with melted mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar cheeses that ooze out a little too perfectly (in the picture anyway) and the outer pie is topped with turkey ham, bell peppers, mushrooms and a salsa sauce.

The inner pizza's crust is filled with chicken sausage and cheese, and the innermost pie is topped with smoked chicken, zucchini and a pepper Alfredo sauce with a cherry in the center of it all. (Brace for planet Nibiru's impact.) This special pie is available through the end of December for $21.75 for a regular-size 10" pizza and $27.49 for a large 13." [BrandEating]


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