12/12/2012 02:19:00 PM

Pete Wells Awards One Star to Royal Seafood Restaurant

Pete Wells has been eschewing hot new openings to visit some old timers in his recent restaurant reviews (witness the two-star review he gave Dirt Candy the other week). Today, it's a visit to Cantonese eatery Royal Seafood. He likes the lobster and the fried dishes, but is really using the column to celebrate Chinatown, which he visited post-Sandy (Wells was a big proponent of dining out Downtown to help the recovery). Take a look below for a snippet, and read the full review here.

"We eat in Chinatown restaurants because no part of Manhattan so readily offers better food for less money; because the portions are truly meant for sharing; because even those places that don’t change their fluorescent bulbs as often as they might still buy fresh snow pea shoots each day. Royal Seafood has glinting chandeliers, not fluorescent bulbs, but it suits all the other criteria beautifully."

Photo: Blue387 via Flickr 


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