12/20/2012 01:21:00 PM

Overheard in Philadelphia: Bonus Server Stories

Restaurant servers are in the tricky position of hearing and seeing just about everything guests do but having to pretend they didn’t notice a thing. Even though Service Week is over, we have a few stories about dinner guests that are too good not to share, involving relationship issues and a minor medical emergency. Read on to find out what our server friends overheard recently.

Towards the Tab
“I was working in an Old City restaurant, and a guy brought in a woman who was pretty obviously a call girl. At the beginning of the night, he started discussing ordering a $200 bottle of wine. But the lady stops him, saying, ‘You know, you can’t put the cost of the bottle toward your tab tonight...' Guess that’s exactly what he had been hoping for, because instead he went with a $60 Malbec.”

Special Event
“A couple walked in to an Old City restaurant and asked for a special meal. I helped them plan a series of custom-designed courses, and they were excited for it. But something must’ve happened over drinks, because before the first course, the woman stormed out. The guy was just sitting there, in shock. So I brought over a full bottle of Knob Creek and slammed it on the table in front of him, without saying a word. He stayed and ate the whole meal himself, while putting a nice dent in the whiskey.”

Call for Help
“A family was out to dinner and was on their main course when the young son started choking! The mother was freaking out, while the dad just kept eating. I came over and did the Heimlich on the kid, who then coughed it up and was fine, no thanks to pop.”


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