12/12/2012 08:55:00 AM

NOLA-Inspired Pop-Up Tchoup Shop Will Expand to Bushwick

Heavy Woods
One popular on-the-fly pop-up is about to get a permanent kitchen. We've just gotten word that Tchoup Shop will expand to Bushwick. The insanely delicious NOLA pop-up, run by Dean Street chef Simon Glenn, has been operating weekends at d.b.a Brooklyn for the past few years. On Thursday, the Shop will forge eastward to Bushwick, to feed the patrons of nightlife newcomer Heavy Woods. Glenn tells us it'll operate Thursday through Saturday nights to start and should eventually expand to seven days a week. Lunch and brunch are also part of the eventual plan.

Glenn, who's been preparing his much loved eats (including duck-and-okra gumbo, Asian-spiced roasted oysters, and Louisiana sausage in various forms) in Crockpots and on portable grills, tells us he's excited to make this food in real kitchen. Indoor service is also something new for Tchoup Shop, though once Heavy Woods opens its sidewalk cafe in spring, there will be outdoor seating as well.

Expect some new menu items in addition to old favorites. There's the T.C.B! sandwich, which Glenn describes as "probably the only Elvis-inspired sandwich in the world to not have bananas it." (The King's motto was "taking care of business.") Instead, it's stuffed with tete de cochon, mirlton chow chow (described by Glenn as "a spicy, mustardy chutney"), and confit pork belly. Round this out with a side of crab-okra hush puppies, or perhaps long beans pickled in Thai chilies. And don't miss Glenn's well-loved buttermilk biscuit stuffed with fried chicken and jalapeno jam.

As for the decision to bring his food to the good hipsters of Bushwick, Glenn tells us the hood "reminds me of Magazine Street in New Orleans back when it was being revitalized in the 90's." He continues (writing via email): "It has the feeling of promise, and excitement of what's to come next, which is how I felt when I first arrived in NOLA and then later, my first few years in NYC."

Heavy Woods is located at 50 Wyckoff Ave. in Brooklyn. See the menu below. Heavy Woods Menu

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