12/11/2012 06:01:00 PM

Newly Appointed Chez TJ Chef Jarad Gallagher Debuts His Menu

New Chez TJ chef Jarad Gallagher 
Just like at the end of another season of American Idol, a young new hopeful has been anointed to take over the top position at the venerable fine-dining establishment Chez TJ restaurant in Mountain View. The list of those chefs who came before him is long and storied - Christopher Kostow (Meadowood), Bruno Chemel (Baume), Joshua Skenes (Saison) and most recently foie gras advocate and Under 30 recipient Joey Elenterio – but now it’s up to 34-year old Jarad Gallagher (formerly of the Plumed Horse, Michael Mina and One Market) to helm the old ship.

However, don’t expect to see lots of pyrotechnics of foams, spheres and other cutting-edge sleights of hand like his predecessors. Gallagher warns, "Molecular gastronomy is not a word we're going to use in this restaurant. You're not going to see agar noodles." He plans to put his own stamp on the menu of the long-time venue taking it back to a more throwback style of dining to match the atmosphere of the historic Victorian house in which the restaurant resides. Gallagher has already overhauled about 95% of the menu, which can be seen here. Note: There’s no sight of foie gras on the menu but the kitchen is offering the option to shave white Alba and black Perigold truffles on any dish for a $35 supplemental fee. 


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