12/07/2012 01:18:00 PM

Morning Coffee: Cognoscenti Opening in Culver City

If you've been to Proof Bakery, you've probably had an espresso served by Yeekai Lim, whose Cognoscenti Coffee serves as sort of a caffeine pop-up in the shop. According to Eater, Lim will debut his own permanent shop maybe as soon as this weekend (though he says probably Monday on Twitter). But keep your eyes peeled, Culver City coffee geeks: the shop resides on the ground floor of Clive Wilkinson's new office building on Washington, right in the heart of the arts district. Lim is known for bringing unique roasters to LA, and he'll also have some Proof baked goods (those croissants) to go along with the pour-overs, cappuccinos and brews. Once it opens, daily hours will be 8 AM-5 PM (6114 Washington Blvd.).


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