12/21/2012 06:53:00 PM

Langer's Pastrami in My Stocking? You Shouldn't Have!

The friends and family you took to Langer's keep telling you how they can't stop thinking about the #19, but they could never get it until they came back to town. Until now. It might be too late to ship for Christmas proper, but wait until next week and you can get the that delicious pastrami and rye bread overnighted from the venerable MacArthur Park deli to anywhere in the U.S. Who needs a specific holiday to give the gift of great meat when it's this good? It ain't cheap - the pastrami costs $22 per pound with a two-pound minimum order, and rye bread is $5.50 per loaf. Place your order on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and the pastrami will arrive the following day, along with heating instructions. [via LAW]

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