12/21/2012 09:41:00 AM

Kuma’s Too Opens in Lincoln Park in February

The punk-rock-playing, epic-burger-slinging, heavy-metal bar known as Kuma’s Corner is opening a second location in Lincoln Park in February. It will replace recently shuttered, The Counter, with a burger joint that has a bit more bite. It will be interesting to see how the original Kuma’s, located in an inconspicuous bar-like building, will transform the very vanilla space located at 666 Diversey Avenue. Owner, Michael Cain, told Chicago Magazine’s The Dish, “It’s going to be cute, I guess.” So, perhaps they will try and blend into the prepster crowd; or more likely, they will continue to blast music, attract a three hour long line and annoy the neighbors. It’s a good thing they cook some of the best burgers in town.


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